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Sometimes tree roots grow out of control and become hazards to building foundations, sidewalks, and paved streets. Contact us to help with tree root cutting services.

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When Roots Grow Out of Control

Tree Root Cutting

Tree and shrub roots grow toward sources of water and nutrients and sometimes that source isn’t conveniently located. Roots can cause damage to underground pipes, septic tanks, walkways, sidewalks, and even the foundations of buildings.

Exposed tree roots, which are a common occurrence in areas of soil erosion, which cannot be properly buried again may also require tree root cutting. Exposed roots can be easily infested, which will cause damage to the tree itself resulting in the need for limb or full tree removal.

Cutting tree roots should always be done by a professional arborist who knows how and when to cut the roots to minimize the impact on the tree or shrub. Large tree roots will require specialized machinery to avoid damage to the remaining root system.

If a pesky tree root is causing you issues, Urbandale Tree Service can help by cutting the offending root, while ensuring limited damage to the tree or shrub itself. We work with both residential and commercial customers!

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Need tree service in Des Moines?
We proudly cover that area as well.
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