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Let us help you properly plant new trees by analyzing the soil and selecting the proper location on your home or property to ensure a healthy environment for your tree.

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There's More to it Than Digging a Hole

Tree Planting and Relocation

Where you live and the general seasonal climate should be taken into consideration when deciding which species of tree or shrub to plant. Plants that don’t require a lot of water are suited for drought prone areas.

Others pay require more sunlight or thrive better in shade. Trees and shrubs need to be chosen not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for the environment, climate and surrounding area to ensure they are able to grow and thrive.

Spacing is also important when planting trees and shrubs. Overcrowding can result in competition for water and nutrients effecting the ability of all to grow properly.

Our experts can help you plan your landscaping, choose the trees and shrubs that are most likely to thrive, and properly plant them.

Tree relocation and transplanting requires professional knowledge and great care to ensure the proper growing environment is selected. So speak to our tree care professionals today and we'll assist with all your tree planting and relocation needs.

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Understanding Soil

Tree Fertilization

There are three main nutrients all plants need to grow properly. The combination and balance of which can greatly effect the health of your trees and shrubs.

Nitrogen – this is the most essential ingredient in soil. Nitrogen helps trees and shrubs, like all living things, produce the energy they need to grow.

Phosphorous – this encourages your plants to produce cells, which effects the growth and ability to withstand the elements trees and shrubs are subjected to. It also helps encourage root establishment and the production of chlorophyll.

Potassium – taller tree species are particularly in need of proper potassium levels. Potassium helps with the movement of water and carbohydrates throughout the tree, helping the tree grow strong. This is particular important for taller trees.

Another important element of proper soil composition is Soil pH or its acidity level. Certain trees and shrubs grow better in highly acidic soil, while others thrive in lower levels.

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Need tree service in Des Moines?
We proudly cover that area as well.
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