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Shrub Pruning

Like seasonal maintenance, regular tree trimming and pruning of your trees and shrubs is important to maintain their health, aesthetic appeal and ability to thrive and grow.

Tree trimming is used to maintain the look and feel of your trees and how they contribute to the overall landscaping design. Trimming can also help slow tree overgrowth, which if not managed, can block sunlight from shining through and all the extra branches compete for moisture.

Pruning is done to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs by removing unnecessary or damaged branches. Pruning is often needed to promote seasonal flowering and fruit production of various specimens. Additionally pruning comes in handy if the tree or shrub is overgrown and interferes with structures or utility lines.

When it comes to pruning, there are two options that can be used—hand shears or lopping shears. The former is typically strong enough for thin branches but not thick ones. Thicker ones might require saws, depending how close together the branches are.

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Need tree service in Des Moines?
We proudly cover that area as well.
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