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Urbandale Tree Service is a professional tree service company operating in Urbandale, Des Moines, and cities within Polk County. We provide complete tree removal and tree trimming, tree hauling, and more.

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Urbandale Tree Service is the leading tree care company in Polk county. We do everything from trimming your overgrown trees to removing the ones that cause storm damage. No job is too tough for us, so don't hesitate to call us with all of those daunting residential and commercial projects because we will always make sure you're 100% satisfied by working hard every day.

Our top-notch professional arborists are always ready to arrive on site—if there’s even an emergency situation like fallen branches or other unexpected situations due to storms or other natural occurrences, our tree service experts have all the experience and skills necessary to clean up the situation.

As a local business, we care about every one of our customers, and we want you to have the best experience possible. We work to make sure every detail gets taken care of from start to finish. When you give us a call, we are always friendly and upfront about our services and their costs. We provide free estimates so that our customers have all the information they need before making the decision to work with us.

Tree cutting service is an essential part of maintaining a landscape and adding life to the area we live in. It's important that you work with licensed professionals, who know what they're doing when caring for trees. When our certified tree car specialists show up on site, we always take necessary precautions and use safe methods while working around structures such as power lines, cars etc. This ensures that our crew as well as the passersby are safe from any debris and falling branches.

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Our featured services

We Offer Tree Trimming and Tree Removal

If you own a commercial or residential property with trees on site, routine tree service maintenance is a great way to diminish the risk of property damage while improving the landscaping and tree aesthetics. Commercial spaces can benefit from our expert care in addressing any liability issues that arise such as:

Damage and loss due to storms/flooding, damage from fallen trees or rotten, unhealthy or dead wood that degrades the strength of tree branches, and infestations, which also degrade the strength of the tree and its branches. This leads to branches that break off, which can seriously injure someone innocently walking underneath the canopy.

You may encounter large tree roots are beginning to interfere with the pavement or sidewalk, which can cause pedestrians walking on top to trip and fall. In some cases, you could have tree roots that are interfering with underground utility lines!

Our professional tree service experts can maintain the trees on your property with with proper trimming and pruning. As a result of this process, the control and shape of the tree canopy will keep an aesthetically pleasing shape to them, making your property landscape appealing. If a complete tree removal becomes necessary for any reason, or if there are health and safety hazards involved in maintaining them, we'll take care of it.

Tree trimming is what we do and we’re constantly improving our methods so that we can deliver great service and great quality. You can rely on us for all your tree service needs!

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Maintain the size and look of your trees

When to Call a Tree Trimming Professional

Trees are living things that require care in order to stay healthy. There is a wide variety of environmental factors which can influence their health, such as damaged or diseased areas that spread quickly and put the whole tree at risk for attack from pests. It's possible for one infected branch on its own trunk (or other part) of an individual plant to cause disease to spread throughout the entire tree.

When a diseased tree is left untreated, it’s structure weakens and poses a threat to people nearby its property because there is greater risk of branches breaking off and falling. This is when proper tree trimming comes into play. We must take quick action against these situations before they turn into problems for the property and its people.

A tree with healthy branches is a beautiful sight to see. You can prolong the life of your trees by removing any weak, sick or damaged ones before they have time to grow into trouble—saving you from pruning worries in the future. By removing damaged or weak branches, that enables the healthy ones to grow and prosper. Tree growth is important and it's best to hire a professional tree service company to manage it.

When your tree has grown too large—it will be too expensive to maintain unless proper tree pruning is done correctly while it is young.

When your tree looks to be diseased—if you see yellow or shrunken leaves, this could be due to a lack of water or over fertilization, and in some cases, a fungal infection.

When you see large and dangerous limbs—under windy or stormy weather, large tree limbs can get damaged, and fall, resulting in major property damage. Tree limb removal in this case must be strategic so that if any branches fall, they are “guided” to the ground.

When a tree is growing close to power lines, or starting to make contact with electrical power lines, never under any circumstance try to cut them yourself. Power lines contain thousands of volts of electricity, and can result in fatal accidents if touched. Hiring a professional tree trimming service is the best and safest course of action.

If any of these situations are present on your property, please contact us because we can assess your situation and safely find the right tree service solutions your property.

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What is Tree Service?

Tree services include tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding, tree hauling, and maintenance. We are a professional company with experience and equipment that can help with any tree related issues or hazards that may be a threat to the safety of others.
wood chipper grinding tree branches into a white truck

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

There is quite a range for tree service costs, due to the type of service involved, and the size of the project. Large trees of course cost more to remove because they may not only require our heavy duty equipment, the inherent danger during the removal is higher.

In general, the factors that dictate the cost of tree removal are: the size of the tree, the type of the tree, the health condition of the tree, whether the situation is an emergency, and if there are multiple trees that need to be removed.

With that said, price ranges an be between $150–$2000 for standard tree removal services. The average cost is around $600–$800. When you work with us, you are will be working with licensed and insured professionals who practice safety procedures for all tree care services.

Our Featured Tree Services

Here is the full list of our affordable tree services. Give us a call and we will discuss the best type of service for your application. We offer free estimates and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Tree removal

We can help with a full tree removal if your tree is diseased or has become a safety hazard.

Tree trimming

If your trees are have grown too large, we can reduce their size with proper trimming.

Tree root cutting

If roots have are disrupting your property, we can take fully inspect and safely cut them.

Stump removal

Tree stumps can attract insects as they decompose. Our technicians can help grind them down.

Shrub pruning

Maintain the health of your trees with proper pruning to remove diseased or infected branches.

Tree planting

Add value to your property by having us plant plant new trees and fertilize the soil for proper growth.